The Excellence Gateway is changing

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The Excellence Gateway is changing

On 31st January 2015 we will launch the new the Excellence Gateway.

The redeveloped site will have greatly improved search facilities and will be significantly more cost effective for the Education and Training Foundation to host and maintain enabling more money to be used to provide other support services to the sector.

The new Excellence Gateway will be different from the current version:

Currently the Excellence Gateway consists the main site with a series of linked legacy sites. As well as developing the new site infrastructure we are migrating useful resources from legacy sites such as this one.

You will still be able to access this site after 31st January until 31st March through the URL

On the 31st March 2015 this site along with all other legacy sites associated with the Excellence Gateway will close.

Once we have the new Excellence Gateway site launched we will be adding resources that have been commissioned over the past 18 months by the Foundation and developed by the sector through our programmes.

Look out for the new site live from 1 February 2015

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